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Which Businesses Benefit From Dustless Blasting?

Which Businesses Benefit From Dustless Blasting?

Dustless Blasting is a ground-breaking method, with the help of which practically any coating may be stripped off almost any surface without generating a cloud of dust.

In the blast tank of the Dustless Blaster, water and abrasive are combined to significantly boost the machine’s output of mass and energy while suppressing the dust.

With the aid of dustless blasting equipment, you may increase the value of each work by adding further activities like painting, vapor disinfection, priming, and sealing.

But for its most generic jobs, you can use it for automotive restoration, Removal of Graffiti, hefty machinery cleaning, Removal of Powder Coatings, maintenance on ships and other marine equipment, Concrete Cleaning, Restoration & Etching of Wood, and Removal of Stripes and Curb Paint.

Some of the most profitable businesses that need dustless basting are:

✓ Powder Coating Businesses

So many people get powder-coated components weekly to get cleaned and restored. The dustless blaster efficiently and quickly cleans these parts well. Suppose the powder coating businesses get their dustless blasters. In that case, thanks to the Dustless Blaster, they can easily handle the machine and wash it off themselves without the inconvenience of caustic or the expense of burning it off in a furnace.

✓ Custom Auto Body Shops

These businesses don’t want to spend weeks sanding or grinding when an automobile needs to be stripped. However, they also do not want to use a sandblaster because parts frequently return damaged or distorted. The Dustless Blaster is a fantastic tool since it allows users to blast anytime and anywhere they choose. In actuality, some significant players in the market in the auto sector employ dustless Blasting for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

✓ Municipalities

States, counties, and cities have a lot of upkeep and maintenance. Some towns have invested in Dustless Blasters to clean graffiti off maintenance hole covers and fire hydrants. Additionally, some Dustless Blasting contractors have agreements with municipalities for ongoing projects.

✓ Painting Businesses

Painting companies excel at applying paint but frequently lack the tools necessary to remove it. As a result, they pass on some opportunities to do the entire painting job when repainting and renovations are needed. They would be able to take on more projects and earn more money with the Dustless Blaster. Not to mention that their paint will stay longer on a properly prepared surface.

✓ Garbage Companies

Some garbage collected from all different places can be repulsive and occasionally dangerous! Cleaning out trucks and containers is a breeze with the Dustless blaster. Additionally, it works well for removing stickers and graffiti.

✓ Pool Businesses

Both inside and outside pools, pool service providers must contend with a lot of dirt. You may quickly clean a pool’s surface of years’ worth of accumulated grime, mold, and mildew by using dustless sandblasting. Additionally, it works well for removing paint from concrete decks.

The quickest, cleanest, and greenest approach for surface preparation is offered to you by Minutemen Mobile Blasting, LLC using Dustless Blasting technology.

When surfaces become dirty, metal corrodes, and paint eventually fails, you will want to have a dustless blasting company near you. What’s left of the old coatings can be removed, leaving a smooth, clean surface ready to be restored by us. Minutemen Mobile Blasting, LLC, can remove almost any covering on any surface so contact us today!