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Ways to Use Dustless Blasting

Ways to Use Dustless Blasting

Dustless blasting is ideal for removing paint, body filler, and rust. Read more about why our approach is the future of surface preparation here. Mobile blasting is quicker, cleaner, and greener than current paint stripping technologies.

Because our method reduces dust, you can sandblast almost any place without worrying about the large containment required by conventional sandblasting. It is just one of the ways to use dustless blasting. This implies that you can provide your customers with a convenient service by bringing our mobile blasting machines to their location.


You may quickly and thoroughly remove graffiti with Dustless Blasting, leaving the underlying surface unharmed and free of paint, dirt, or other impurities. You can work securely in any metropolitan setting without a sizable dust cloud. Graffiti should be quickly and thoroughly removed, and the underlying surface should be left untouched and restored.


Compared to sandblasting, which requires approximately 30 seconds to remove each square inch of powder coating, dustless blasting may remove the same layer in only about a minute per square foot. Chemical stripping, risky and costly, entails immersing powder-coated parts into large vats of poisonous chemicals. The green abrasive from Dustless Blasting is far more affordable and secure. Even the toughest coatings can be removed by simply pointing and blasting.


Our process is a quick and easy way to update displays and remove decals or paint while getting around rivets and other hard-to-reach places. Fleet vehicles constantly update their displays, and removing decals or paint can become time-consuming.


Dustless blasting is the ideal instrument for cleaning and restoring masonry, stone, brick, concrete, and other surfaces since it is significantly more effective than power washing. You have complete control over the force of your blasting with the Dustless Blaster’s adjustable pressure and abrasive flow so that the substrate won’t be affected. Additionally, it is far more efficient than power washing. The powerful abrasive method used by Dustless Blasting can remove graffiti, line stripes, calcium or oil stains, mildew, and even dirt that has been on surfaces for many years.

Using recycled glass and water as the blast media, dustless blasters ensure you won’t hurt neighboring plant life and comply with laws.

The quickest, cleanest, and greenest approach for surface preparation is offered to you by Minutemen Mobile Blasting, LLC using Dustless Blasting technology.

We can remove almost any covering on any surface. Surfaces will become dirty, metal will rust, and paint will fail. What’s left of the old coatings can be removed, leaving a smooth, clean surface ready to be restored. Minutemen Mobile Blasting, LLC can be the solution so contact us today!