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There’s a Huge Demand for Dustless Blasting: Here’s Why

There’s a Huge Demand for Dustless Blasting: Here’s Why

Surface preparation has always been one of the trickiest parts of renovating, re-painting, or refurbishing vehicles, boats, and even homes. When there’s paint, rust, or dirt involved, you’ll know that it takes a lot of hard work, time, and resources to get rid of everything before you can start the actual job, which could be frustrating. This is why when dustless mobile blasting was introduced to the market, everyone was scrambling to book the service for their projects.

In fact, you’ll see many people searching for “mobile dustless blasting near me” online to see what companies offer this type of service within their area. Here are some of the many reasons why there’s a massive demand for dustless mobile blasting today and why it’s considered the future of surface preparation:

You can easily contain and clean up any debris.

Imagine blasting your car or wall at home when you have kids around. The debris will fly everywhere, and you’ll end up with a huge mess that’s also potentially risky to your household. But when you do dustless mobile blasting, you no longer need to worry about any of these risks. Even if you blast in open spaces, this technology mixes the abrasive with water to easily contain any debris, plumes, or ignitable sparks. You’ll also cut cleanup costs significantly because you can do the job yourself. However, it is better and easier to hire someone with experience to make it a faster process.

You can blast without putting yourself at risk.

Traditional blasting means being inside an airtight space with negative air pressure and wearing a full-blast suit. This will protect you from inhaling debris that’s not good for your body, especially your lungs. But with dustless mobile blasting, you can prepare your walls, car, boat, or any other object that needs to be stripped of paint, dirt, or rust without needing to wear a suit. You can even do it while other people are working around you. That is because all the dust and debris are contained inside the tank and on the ground.

You can work without disrupting your work area.

Before dustless mobile blasting, work areas had to be free from other people, and other jobs needed to be stopped during the blasting process. This means that you would need to move out temporarily or shut down your plant if you’re using blasting on any of your machines. But with dustless blasting technology, you can expect no disruptions, which is why it is used on plants, offshore rigs, and other areas where there’s a need for continuous operations, even during renovations or refurbishments.

You can reduce pollution.

From the looks of it alone, traditional blasting is already very harmful to the environment because of all the dust, rust, and debris flying in the air. But with dustless mobile blasting, all that debris is captured and mixed with water to ensure that no toxic chemicals and debris will be airborne. This helps to reduce pollution and make you compliant with strict environmental regulations.
So, if you need to prepare any type of surface for a project, whether it’s automotive, marine, industrial or residential, make sure to contact Minutemen Mobile Blasting, LLC. and let us get your project taken care of!