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Is Investing in a Rust Removal Service to Fix a Rusty Car Really Worth It?

A rusty car that is due for dustless blasting

Is Investing in a Rust Removal Service to Fix a Rusty Car Really Worth It?

Rust can be a significant source of frustration for car owners. After all, rust does not just look unsightly and make your car less attractive, but it can also cause severe damage to your vehicle if not adequately addressed.

However, is fixing a rusty car really worth it? To make a well-informed decision about whether or not to hire a rust removal service for the job, here are a few important things to consider.

● Your Car’s Age and Mileage

If your car is relatively new, repairing it would be a good decision. In case you plan on selling it soon, the cost of the rust removal service and a fresh coat of paint will be worth it, as you’d be able to sell it for a good price.

On the other hand, if your car is fairly old with high mileage and has already seen its share of overall wear and tear, a repair and repaint may not be the best idea. If you’re planning on selling it and it will cost you a certain amount that is more than your car’s resale value, then it makes more sense to spend your money elsewhere.

● Type of Rust

There are three types of car rust: surface rust, scale rust, and penetrating rust. Surface rust is mostly cosmetic and can usually be wiped off with a rust dissolver. Scale rust needs to be addressed quickly as it is beginning to eat away at the metal, while penetrating rust is where corrosion has already made some holes in the surface.

Again, the cost of the rust removal service depends on how complicated the rust repair will be and how much rust needs to be cleaned.

● Affected Areas

If the rust is on your car’s body surface, then rust removal is definitely worth it. However, if it has badly damaged some critical parts, such as supports and underframe, rust repair may not be a wise decision to make. These issues compromise the stability of your car and, most importantly, your safety while on the road.

So, if you have a car with severe rot on its supports and underframe, rust repair is not what you need at this moment, but a vehicle body-building service.

● Your Car’s Make and Model

Getting a rust removal service and repainting your car is practical if you have a classic model. Vintage cars are always great to restore and usually have higher resale values if they are in good condition.

Ultimately, the decision is yours to make. Again, if the repair cost exceeds your car’s current value, it may not be worth it. But if you think that it is a feasible option, then do not hesitate to hire a rust removal service!

A Revolutionary Method to Prepare Your Car for Repainting

There is a newer and better rust removal method when removing rust on your car’s body surface and preparing it for repainting—dustless blasting.

Unlike traditional rust removal methods, dustless blasting does not use chemicals. Instead, it uses a combination of water and abrasive materials to blast off rust particles from the surface of your car. This method is gentler on the bodywork than media blasting, so you do not need to worry about rust coming back soon or damaging your car’s body further.

Hire Our Dustless Blasting Services Now!

If rust is ruining the beauty of your car, then hire our rust removal service now. Here at Minutemen Mobile Blasting, LLC, we are experts in dustless blasting with many years of experience in surface preparation and paint removal. Contact us today, and let us help your car reclaim its former glory!