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The Differences Between Dustless Blasting and Sandblasting

The Differences Between Dustless Blasting and Sandblasting

Dustless Blasting vs Sandblasting: Which Is the Better Option?

Preparing a surface for a paint job isn’t the easiest task to do, especially when you do it manually and all the dust and dirt comes flying around you. Fortunately, there are now two very popular methods in surface preparation: dustless blasting and sandblasting. Here, we’ll take a closer look at these methods and find out which is the better option.

Dustless blasting

You’ve probably heard about dustless mobile blasting technology and its popularity is for a good reason—it’s safe and easy. According to the OSHA, dustless blasting is recommended for surface preparation because it helps to protect workers from inhaling dangerous fumes that could cause a series of lung-related medical conditions. But more than that, dustless blasting is a smart option because it allows you to work virtually anywhere you want, whether it’s at home, in your office or a site that you like without worrying about other people being bothered by it.

For instance, if you want to repaint your old car, you just need to look for a mobile dustless blasting service and have them go down to your house to do the surface preparation, so you won’t have to take your car to the shop and drive it back to your house without any paint. Dustless blasting works by containing any debris or dust and mixing that with water, so it goes down instead of going airborne and being inhaled by everyone nearby. It’s also a great option because it makes cleaning a lot easier. This method is ideal for metal and cement surfaces like concrete houses, cars and boats.


While dustless blasting is the best option when it comes to surface preparation, you also have sandblasting, which is the more traditional blasting method. In most cases, sandblasting is used for removing paint on wood materials, although it can also be used for metals like cars and boats. When we talk about sandblasting, we’re referring to the process of firing sand at a surface on high pressure to remove any existing paint.

Although this method has been used for many years because it’s effective at getting the job done, sandblasting needs to be done at a specific location or only with experts because the debris from the sand and the paint can spread everywhere causing a lot of mess and the need to clean up. Sandblasting also causes paint, dust and dirt to go up in the air, which is why it’s not ideally used when working on properties, offices and other sites where there are people around. If it needs to be done, then the place has to be abandoned for a while to protect people from inhaling paint that could cause some serious health problems in the long run.

The bottom-line

So, if you are to choose the best surface preparation for your vehicle, house or boat, make it dustless mobile blasting, where you can guarantee safety on all fronts while making sure that the job is done right. Contact Minutemen Mobile Blasting, LLC today, let us come to you, and learn more about dustless mobile blasting and how it’s used for Residential, Industrial, Automotive, and Marine industries.