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Dustless Blasting vs. Laser Cleaning

Dustless Blasting vs. Laser Cleaning

Cleanliness is Godliness, and everyone will agree with this phrase. We all like to see clean non-chipped surfaces as they look exquisite. We have many items, small or big, with a layer of paint on them, and after some time, it gets chipped and starts looking old. To resolve the issue of paint removal Dustless Blasting and Laser Blasting are used to ease the work.

What is Dustless Blasting?

The revolutionary process of stripping the paint and the cleaning system helps to remove the coating from the surface with no plume of dust. The working of the Blasting is easy by mixing water with the blast tank’s abrasives. To understand Dustless Blasting

  1. Suppression of the dust – The mixture of water and abrasive helps to remove the coating. The abrasive falls on the ground and keeps the surrounding area clean.
  2. Containment – As the abrasive is mixed with water, there are no chances of dust pluming or flammability. This helps in saving money with the clean-up cost and the containment.
  3. No Shutdown – Dustless Blasting is easy to contain, is environment-friendly, and does not produce flammable items. This works as the perfect tool for pipelines and other active places.
  4. Safe – Dustless Blasting does not produce any toxic plume. Due to no dust production, visibility increases and reduces accident risk.

What is Laser Blasting

Laser Cleaning is the environment-friendly process of removing the surface coating from the metals, concrete, and stone with a limited effect on the base.

It is an eco-friendly process to clean the paint from rust, oxide, and other containments from the metal surfaces. It requires a pulse of 50 watts or more to work. Laser Cleaning works by sending the nanosecond length pulses of the laser light toward the cover for cleaning. The contact with the contaminants that absorb this light makes it so that the coating residue either turns into a gas or is free from the surface.

Although both are environmentally friendly processes, laser blasting can be a little bit harder to handle, which makes it riskier and more accident-prone than dustless blasting.

Why Choose Minutemen Mobile Blasting?

Minutemen Mobile Blasting, LLC can help you get that much-needed smooth and clean surface to get your item ready for restoration and make it new. We can also handle disinfecting your business.

We proudly service various automotive, marine, residential, commercial, and industrial industries.

You can always contact us via call or email with any questions regarding your project. And remember, requesting a quote is always free!