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Here’s How You Can Clean and Restore Your Property’s Exterior Brick Walls

Brick Wall for Cleaning

Here’s How You Can Clean and Restore Your Property’s Exterior Brick Walls

Bricks are some of the best materials for exterior walls since they’re elegant, attractive, and can boost the property’s curb appeal. They’re also easy to work with, which can lead to lower installation costs and faster installation times, and they can last for a long time when properly maintained. Fortunately, keeping brick walls in good condition isn’t difficult, especially if you get the help of trusted brick cleaning service providers and other dependable experts.

With regular care and maintenance, you can preserve the durability and aesthetic appeal of your exterior brick walls and make them last longer. Not sure where to begin with the brick cleaning and restoration process? You can start by doing these things:

Get the Help of Blasting Experts

If your brick wall is only slightly dirty, you can restore its appearance using water and mild detergent. However, if it’s been years since you last cleaned the wall and it’s currently caked with mud, moss, and other organic stains, soap, and water might not do the trick. In this scenario, you’ll want to opt for a brick cleaning service like dustless blasting instead. This method uses water to propel the abrasive material to effectively strip off a wide range of contaminants from various surfaces.

Since brick isn’t exactly a hard material, you’ll want to hire a company that uses gentle blasting techniques for their brick cleaning service. This way, they can remove dirt and stains from your exterior walls without pushing water and blasting media into the brick and causing serious damage that can be difficult to repair.

Repair and Tuckpoint the Brick When Necessary

Aside from cleaning your exterior brick walls on a regular basis, you should also check if they require any restoration. Take a few minutes to inspect every surface and look for signs of damage thoroughly. If you see large cracks, reach out to a masonry expert and have them troubleshoot the issue. Minor cracks can be easily sealed, but bigger ones can be a sign of deeper structural issues that require immediate attention.

You should also check if there are sections with crumbling or missing mortar, which can be a sign that the brick is no longer as weathertight as it should be and that rainwater is probably starting to seep into the wall. If there are, you’ll want to repoint the wall as soon as possible. This involves removing the damaged mortar and replacing it with new and high-quality mortar.

Get in Touch with Us

These are some of the steps you can take to clean and restore your brick exterior walls and make them last longer! If you’d like to get additional tips, or if you’ve decided to hire a brick cleaning service, like dustless blasting, get in touch with Minutemen Mobile Blasting, LLC. We’ve adopted modern blasting methods that produce minimal dust and are highly safe and eco-friendly. For residential applications, we use water and recycled glass as our abrasive to ensure that no nearby plants are damaged. Learn more about the professional brick cleaning service that we offer by giving us a call today!