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Why Is a Paint Stripping Service Necessary?

The importance of paint stripping in both home improvement and industrial projects is often underestimated. Many people labor under the misconception that it’s an optional step or a cosmetic fix. But if you’ve ever dealt with peeling or chipping paint, you understand that paint has...

September 29, 2023
Reasons to Remove Graffiti from Your Business

Graffiti has long been a point of contention in urban environments, but did you know that its presence on your business property could significantly impair your financial standing and reputation? Over the years, graffiti has transformed from mere street art into a prevalent issue that...

September 18, 2023
Differences Between Manufactured and Natural Stone Cleaning

The longevity and aesthetic appeal of stone surfaces depends significantly on how they are cleaned and maintained. However, it’s essential to recognize that not all stones are created equal. Natural and manufactured stones have varying attributes like porosity and density that can influence cl

September 6, 2023
Commercial Tile Cleaning: Your Step-by-Step Guide

In the bustling world of commerce, appearances matter. High-traffic business spaces, particularly those with tiled flooring, need regular maintenance. Hence, understanding commercial tile cleaning is pivotal to maintaining a pristine environment. Commercial tile cleaning is not just about aesthetics

August 25, 2023
Learn More About Bottom Paint Removal

Bottom paint removal is vital for boat maintenance. It ensures the longevity and performance of your vessel by keeping the hull in excellent condition. Why Bottom Paint Removal is Essential for Boats Bottom paint safeguards against aquatic organisms. Timely removal and replacement of old, ineffectiv

August 14, 2023
Ultimate Guide on Stone Cleaning

The aesthetics and durability of stone structures significantly depend on their cleanliness. Proper stone cleaning is not just about retaining the visual appeal, but it’s a necessary step to preserving the stone’s structural integrity. The Importance of Regular Stone Maintenance Maintain

August 4, 2023
Discover Other Industries That Are Benefiting from Dustless Blasting

Dustless blasting, an innovative approach to surface preparation, restoration, and cleaning, has marked a new era across diverse industries and businesses. This technique, becoming increasingly preferred, provides comprehensive and high-quality results. At Minutemen Mobile Blasting, we’re dedi

July 26, 2023
Creative Ways to Utilize Dustless Blasting

In our world today, dustless blasting continues to prove itself as an exceptionally versatile and highly efficient method, finding extensive use across an array of industries and applications. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the innovative ways in which dustless blasting is utilized

July 14, 2023
How Often Should You Be Cleaning Your Pool Tile?

The allure and functionality of your swimming pool are predominantly dependent on the cleanliness and maintenance of your pool tiles. This blog post will delve into the critical importance of regular pool tile cleaning and maintenance, as well as how frequently this cleaning should occur....

July 3, 2023
Curb Paint Removal: Essential Guide for Homeowners and Businesses

Curb paint removal involves stripping away old, faded, or damaged paint from your property’s curbs, whether they mark house numbers, parking spaces, or no-parking zones. Maintaining up-to-date curb paint is essential for both residential and commercial properties to improve appearance, safety,

June 28, 2023
Pool Tile Cleaning: Debunking the Myth of Draining Your Pool

Keeping your pool tiles clean is essential for preserving the look and functionality of your swimming pool. Over time, calcium buildup, algae, and stains can accumulate on pool tiles, making them look unsightly and potentially affecting the pool water quality. The question arises – do...

June 16, 2023
Permanent Car Rust Removal: Is It Possible?

Rust is a dreaded enemy that wreaks havoc on cars over time, leading to costly repairs and even causing potential safety issues. Many car owners wonder if it’s possible to permanently get rid of rust and maintain their vehicle’s pristine condition. In this article, we...

June 5, 2023
Can Auto Body Shops Offer Rust Removal Services?

We’ve all been there: you can take good care of your car and have it washed, detailed, and regularly maintained — only to wake up one day and see a rust spot or two on the vehicle body. This won’t be very pleasant, especially if...

May 29, 2023
The Secrets of Powder Coating Removal

Before we tell you all about powder coating removal, let’s talk first about powder coating and what it’s made of. What is powder coating? This method of dry finishing exteriors and equipment became popular in North America around the 60s, and now more industries use...

May 17, 2023
Learning the Three Fastest Ways to Remove Exterior Paint

Color can add character to any space, and in your home, painting your walls can make a huge difference to how the space would look and feel without spending a lot of money on a full-blast renovation. But before you can repaint your home’s exteriors,...

May 5, 2023
Pros and Cons of Automotive Paint Stripping

If you have a car, the time will eventually come when you need automotive paint stripping. Whether you’re restoring a classic or just giving your vehicle an upgrade, you’ll require it as a method to preface your car’s body surface for the new paint job....

April 28, 2023
Need to Strip Off Paint? Here Are the Most Common Techniques for a Paint Removal Service

Perhaps your property has been tagged by the neighborhood vandals, and you’re looking for ways to remove the graffiti they’ve left behind. Or maybe you’re working on a car or boat that has to be repainted, and you’d like to remove the old finish. Either...

April 14, 2023
A Guide to Dustless Mobile Blasting

You’ve probably heard a thing or two about dustless mobile blasting, but you might still not know exactly what it means or how it can be used. Although it’s a relatively new industry compared to its counterparts, dustless mobile blasting is making big waves in...

April 3, 2023
A Guide to Stripping Your Exterior Paint Properly

When you first moved in, you loved everything about your house, including its exterior paint. But as the years went by, your taste also changed, and now, you’ve finally decided that it’s time to strip off your exterior walls for a fresh coat of paint....

March 31, 2023
Here’s What You Should Do If Your Pool Has Calcium Buildup

Having your very own swimming pool provides you with numerous benefits, but it’s not all fun and games. To maximize your investment and avoid wasting money, you also have to take good care of your pool and ensure that it will endure and stay beautiful...

March 17, 2023
Is Investing in a Rust Removal Service to Fix a Rusty Car Really Worth It?

Rust can be a significant source of frustration for car owners. After all, rust does not just look unsightly and make your car less attractive, but it can also cause severe damage to your vehicle if not adequately addressed. However, is fixing a rusty car...

March 3, 2023
Powder Coating Removal: Methods That People Commonly Use

Generally used as a metal finish for industrial and construction equipment, automotive parts, and other hardware, powder coating is a valuable protection from corrosion and other wear. But when it gets damaged or outdated, it needs to be removed—and that’s where things get tricky. Well,...

February 27, 2023
This Is the Best Way to Clean Your Pool Tiles!

You always dreamed of having a swimming pool in your backyard, so you were beyond excited when it finally happened. But what you didn’t realize was the responsibility that came with owning a pool, and yes, maintenance can be a huge pain, especially if you’re...

February 15, 2023
Boat Bottom Paint Removal Procedure: How to Do It

If you’re an owner of an old boat, you might already be in for a giant project. Most likely, it already has some gelcoat blisters hidden under the bottom paint that, if left unattended, could spread and eventually compromise hull integrity and boat speed. So,...

February 3, 2023
Here’s How You Can Make Your Pool Tile Look Like New Again

When people talk about swimming pool maintenance, they often focus on fixing cracks and leaks, repairing damaged pumps and other equipment, and updating slippery decks. But while all of these are essential pool maintenance steps to take, you shouldn’t stop there! You must also pay...

January 30, 2023
Three Effective Ways to Clean Your Commercial Tile Floors

Do you know ceramic tiles are considered one of the most durable materials for commercial floors? First, they don’t expire as quickly as compared to other types of floors. Second, it is low maintenance, making it perfect for the office. And third, it is pleasing...

January 18, 2023
Here’s How You Can Clean and Restore Your Property’s Exterior Brick Walls

Bricks are some of the best materials for exterior walls since they’re elegant, attractive, and can boost the property’s curb appeal. They’re also easy to work with, which can lead to lower installation costs and faster installation times, and they can last for a long...

January 6, 2023
Is Hiring a Brick Cleaning Service Worth It?

Are your brick walls or driveway looking a bit worse for wear? Does it feel like you’ve tried every trick in the book, but nothing seems to get rid of that stubborn dirt and grime? Well, it’s time to call in the professionals! Investing in...

December 30, 2022
Brick Cleaning Tips: What Is the Best Way to Remove Graffiti

Are you one of those people who are having issues with unwanted graffiti on your fences or walls? They can be an eyesore, and you may be trying to get rid of them on your own. After all, the first thing that would come to...

December 14, 2022
What Is the Preferable Way to Clean Stone Surfaces?

Cleaning stone surfaces, such as driveways, walls, and walkways, using traditional methods can be hard work that involves several processes, from scrubbing to power washing. Not to mention that it can be pretty messy! Lucky for you, there’s now a newer stone cleaning service you...

December 2, 2022
The Amazing Truth About Dustless Blasting: Why It Is Actually EcoFriendly

As most people know, traditional methods for surface cleaning and preparation, such as sandblasting and power washing, can be extremely messy. Not only is the dust and debris a pain to clean up, but it can also be dangerous to inhale. Not to mention that...

November 25, 2022
There’s a Huge Demand for Dustless Blasting: Here’s Why

Surface preparation has always been one of the trickiest parts of renovating, re-painting, or refurbishing vehicles, boats, and even homes. When there’s paint, rust, or dirt involved, you’ll know that it takes a lot of hard work, time, and resources to get rid of everything...

November 7, 2022
Dustless Blasting vs. Traditional Methods: What’s the Difference?

If you have used exterior paint removal services or hired a graffiti removal service provider before, you probably noticed that the company used sandblasting or soda-blasting methods to complete the job. These techniques were the go-to back then since they were highly effective in removing...

October 28, 2022
Which Businesses Benefit From Dustless Blasting?

Dustless Blasting is a ground-breaking method, with the help of which practically any coating may be stripped off almost any surface without generating a cloud of dust. In the blast tank of the Dustless Blaster, water and abrasive are combined to significantly boost the machine’s...

September 29, 2022
Dustless Blasting vs. Laser Cleaning

Cleanliness is Godliness, and everyone will agree with this phrase. We all like to see clean non-chipped surfaces as they look exquisite. We have many items, small or big, with a layer of paint on them, and after some time, it gets chipped and starts...

September 14, 2022
Ways to Use Dustless Blasting

Dustless blasting is ideal for removing paint, body filler, and rust. Read more about why our approach is the future of surface preparation here. Mobile blasting is quicker, cleaner, and greener than current paint stripping technologies. Because our method reduces dust, you can sandblast almost...

August 29, 2022
Choosing Between Dustless Blasting and Power Washing

Dustless Blasting vs Power Washing: Which Is Best for Your Needs? Cleaning can be quite a chore, especially if you’re dealing with very dirty surfaces. And when soap, water and some scrubbing doesn’t do the job anymore, you’ll need to use a more powerful method...

August 12, 2022
The Differences Between Dustless Blasting and Sandblasting

Dustless Blasting vs Sandblasting: Which Is the Better Option? Preparing a surface for a paint job isn’t the easiest task to do, especially when you do it manually and all the dust and dirt comes flying around you. Fortunately, there are now two very popular...

July 29, 2022
Why Dustless Blasting Is a Safe Surface Preparation Method

Is Dustless Blasting Safe? Here’s What You Need to Know Whether it’s your home, car, boat or equipment, paint eventually fails you over time and it can be frustrating. But since buying a new one isn’t the most practical solution, one of the best ways...

July 15, 2022
Is It Possible to Paint Over Your Old Car Paint?

Can You Paint Over Your Old Car Paint or Is Stripping the Better Option? A car is a huge investment, so it’s only practical that you’d want to enjoy it for as long as possible. But let’s face it, you will outgrow your car’s color...

July 8, 2022
Why Your House Still Looks Dirty Even After Cleaning

Does Your House Still Look Dirty Even After You’ve Cleaned It? This Might Be the Reason Like many homeowners, you probably make it a point to clean your house regularly no matter how busy you are. But what if your property still looks dirty even...

July 1, 2022
Here’s Why Industrial Equipment Should Be Cleaned on a Regular Basis

Many businesses rely on industrial equipment to provide world-class products and services and meet their customers’ expectations. If your company is one of these businesses, you’ve probably invested a substantial amount of money into buying modern equipment that has all the features you need to.

June 24, 2022
Everything You Need to Know About Surface Preparation

If you recently purchased a boat or you’ve already had one for a long time, and you feel like it needs a repaint job, you need to know that good surface preparation will help you achieve that seamless look that you want and ensure that...

June 17, 2022
Preparing Your Car for Paint Stripping: Steps to Help You Do It Right

Your car is one of your biggest investments, so it only makes sense that you want to enjoy it for as long as possible. But while everything on the inside is still running fine, you may have already outgrown your paint color and you think...

June 10, 2022
The Joys of Restoring Parts of Your Home: How It Can Bring Positivity in Your Life

We love things that are new, but we must also admit that there’s a certain charm to old things around your house. It could be your well used patio and deck or that piece of furniture that has been in your house since you moved...

May 3, 2022
Preparing Your Used Industrial Equipment for the Next Step: A Guide

Buying industrial equipment is a huge investment for your business and you’ve been taking good care of your machinery for the last couple of years to make the most of your money. But as your business grows, your needs also change and now, you have...

March 16, 2022
Is Your Boat Starting to Rust? Here Are the Risks and How to Remedy Them

You already know that rust is your boat’s worst enemy, but it’s also a reality that you must face at some point. Because of prolonged contact to sweater, your boat is prone to rust, corrosion and decay, especially if it lacks maintenance and preventive measures....

March 3, 2022
5 Simple Tricks to Bring New Life to Your Used Car

You still remember how it felt when you first bought your car. But now that it has gone through so much wear and tear, you feel less excited to bring out on the road, yet you’re not ready to let it go. The good news...

February 18, 2022
Let Us Come To You

You have a full and busy schedule, and don’t have time to wait around for your project to be done You don’t  want to run all over town to different service providers, dropping off and picking up parts. “Marty’s Mobile Blasting” is different. We come...

November 29, 2018
Make A Good First Impression

Make a good first impression Graffiti on your business is an eyesore that brings down the value of your property, and can turn off customers. We’ll quickly restore your storefront to look its best — it’s the FASTEST way to remove graffiti! Less downtime for...

November 29, 2018