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Why Dustless Blasting Is a Safe Surface Preparation Method

Why Dustless Blasting Is a Safe Surface Preparation Method

Is Dustless Blasting Safe? Here’s What You Need to Know

Whether it’s your home, car, boat or equipment, paint eventually fails you over time and it can be frustrating. But since buying a new one isn’t the most practical solution, one of the best ways to remedy the problem is to do a re-paint job. Then again, repainting isn’t as easy as picking a color and brushing it over the old paint. In fact, surface preparation is a crucial element to the success of any painting project.

But if you’re worried about all the dirt and dust flying around your house if you’re going to strip paint by yourself, you can hire dustless mobile blasting services. In fact, it is considered the future of surface preparation.

Is dustless blasting safe?

According to the OSHA, dustless blasting is one of the best methods to reduce silicosis in workers, a lung condition caused by the inhalation of silica in paint and other materials on workers who strip paint. The organization recommends using a wet delivery method like dustless mobile blasting as a primary mean of protecting workers. This is because dustless blasting keeps old paint from being inhaled, to protect not only the workers but also those around them.

What are the benefits of dustless blasting?

Instead of stripping paint on your own, it’s more practical to hire mobile dustless blasting services where you get to enjoy these benefits:

  • Paint stripping can be done anywhere. One of the biggest benefits of using dustless blasting is the fact that it can be done everywhere. So, if you want to strip your car off its old paint for a new one, you can have it done at home with the help of dustless mobile blasting You don’t even need to worry about debris and dust flying around your house because everything is contained.
  • Dust is suppressed. Dustless blasting works by capturing the abrasive and mixing it with water inside the blast tank. This traps the dust and dirt and weighs it down instead of becoming airborne because of the water.
  • You don’t need any downtime. Before dustless blasting was invented, people had to temporarily leave their houses or offices if a paint stripping job was being done. This was done to avoid inhalation of dust and dirt and allow workers to focus on their jobs. Unfortunately, that downtime can affect your routine, especially if you’re running a job. But with dustless blasting, you don’t need to worry about any downtime anymore because stripping can be done even with people around your house or office, and this won’t be a risk for them.

At the end of the day, there’s nothing quite like dustless blasting technology to help you prepare a house, car, boat or any other equipment for a repaint job. And the best part is that you can do it safely and easily, especially when you work with the best dustless mobile blasting providers who can guarantee the best results for your project, so contact Minutemen Mobile Blasting, LLC today to learn more about us and our process.