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A Guide to Dustless Mobile Blasting

A Guide to Dustless Mobile Blasting

You’ve probably heard a thing or two about dustless mobile blasting, but you might still not know exactly what it means or how it can be used. Although it’s a relatively new industry compared to its counterparts, dustless mobile blasting is making big waves in cleaning and paint stripping because it’s easy, efficient, safe, and even economical. Here, we learn more about what dustless mobile blasting is and how you can use it:

What is dustless mobile blasting?

The simplest way to describe dustless mobile blasting is that it’s a method that combines the techniques of power washing and sandblasting. Here, a mild abrasive is mixed with water to remove dirt and paint without causing any damage to the surface involved.

For many years, sandblasting was used for cleaning surfaces and removing paint. Unfortunately, the technique itself is problematic because sandblasting uses high-grain sand, similar to what you would see in a sandbox. While this type of sand is highly efficient in removing dirt and paint because it’s powerful, it can also cause damage to surfaces.

Sandblasting also increases the temperature of these surfaces due to the strong friction created by the sand. This usually causes metal to melt or deform, which is why many people are not using it anymore for cleaning surfaces or removing paint.

Worse, sandblasting can pose serious health risks for those working directly with it. Many workers who use sandblasting regularly have been reported to be at a higher risk for developing silicosis, a lung disease caused by inhaling tiny bits of sand. Sandblasting can also be highly messy, so you need to do a major cleanup after every task.

Fortunately, there’s dustless mobile blasting, which is a more viable option for these tasks. One of the most significant benefits of using dustless mobile blasting as opposed to traditional blasting is efficiency. This method guarantees to remove even the most stubborn dirt and coating of paint on any surface without damaging the surface it’s cleaning.

Unlike sandblasting, dustless mobile blasting also mixes sand with water so that dust doesn’t float in the air and ends up creating a big mess around your house or workshop. Instead, it suppresses the dust where it can easily be collected. Over the years, more people have used dustless mobile blasting over traditional sandblasting because it’s more efficient in getting the job done without the downsides of the latter.

Why should you book dustless mobile blasting experts?

Now that you understand what dustless mobile blasting is, it’s crucial to find the right team to work with that uses this method. Since dustless mobile blasting is a process that requires experience and proper technique, it’s best to leave the job in the capable hands of experts like Minutemen Mobile Blasting, LLC.

Whether you’re having a car or boat stripped of paint or want to clean your pool tiles or exterior surfaces, dustless mobile blasting is the best option out there.